HAUTE COUTURE: High-quality and Creatively unique Wearables for every Season

“Fashion is not just whose label you see, but also what quality you wear and how your clothes feel on your skin and sensibility”

“Style celebrates who you are and how you feel in what you wear”

“Blending style and fashion for the wearer to feel great and the clothes to speak greatness”

“Context matters:  In every culture and season, there exists that which truly fits best”

“Natural glamor, easy comfort, and unique design all spell Venette’s Wish for All”



_MG_0100 FinaL 3 FFFVENETTE PRESBITERO is a Filipino designer, based in Switzerland, and trained in European fashion, with work experiences and creative endeavors in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

She gained exposure to the European Fashion that puts emphasis on the interconnectedness of Visual arts and Architecture with Fabric and Clothing concerns as well as the relationship between one’s Body and one’s social and physical Spaces.

Her design philosophy highlights sophisticated elegance, unique style and keen sensitivity to her client’s individual preferences.

She uses high-quality embellishments and organic accessories gathered from natural sources and her many travels in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

Every element in her Creations has a purpose. Nothing is superfluous or unessential. Even the structure is kept to a minimum, leading one to conclude that she could be a minimalist [although Venette graciously leaves it to her client’s opinion.

Earnest, passionate, hardworking and resolute, yet easy going, Venette and her colorful experiences across continents have catapulted her to where she is right now – a consummate fashion designer and stylist with her own couture and design house.

Venette’s innate sense of taste is prevalent throughout her design Collections, and exclusive Selections.  Her casual wear, evening dresses, and wedding gowns are virtually sought after by her esteemed clients and followers.